A love affair with your skin!


The appropriate balance of seduction and caring for naturalness and elegance with the goal of pure, timeless beauty makes of the Cream 63/1 DNA CELL STRUCTURE a unique experience for your skin.

The new dual-action technology ensures an intelligent hydration of the skin which is responsive to temperature and moisture.

Gatuline® Expression AF, one of the most advanced new discoveries in the field of cell research, relaxes the skin, refines mimic wrinkles and reduces the appearance of new ones. The sensational active ingredient is already being used as a natural Botox alternative in beauty clinics from Dubai to Beverly Hills, with growing success!

The most valuable and pure natural ingredients provide your skin with important nutrients, supporting the structure. Your skin gets a fresh, firm and radiant complexion.

Application: Apply in the morning and evening after cleansing on face, neck and neckline.

Property: Anti-aging, firming, moisturising, smoothing, regenerating, protective, refining.

Skin type: sensitive skin, normal skin, dry skin, mature skin.

Art No..: 63181

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