The memories of his childhood in the Westphalian Sauerland still make Christian smile today: “My French mother had prevailed against my German father. By car, the two drove over the border to his home, and I became German. ” Originally, Christian’s mother Genevieve was born close to Lamballe, a small French town in Brittany. But he was tired of the capricious climate that was so close to the Atlantic, determined by an unpredictable change in high and low pressure areas. And so the breathtakingly beautiful Frenchwoman took advantage of the opportunity that she found through the fugitive but momentous acquaintance with German engineer Erwin to leave France forever. With everything the “Citroen 2CV” was able to carry the woman in advanced stage of pregnancy and the young couple made their way to Germany – and landed in the Sauerland, Erwin’s home. Not far from their parents’ house, they established their own existence. And a little later, Christian was able to see the light of day. Far from his Breton roots, the offspring was spared the grandfather’s career as an oystercatcher.

Christian grew up in the protective conditions of the 1960s. His cultured mother insisted on educating him bilingually from the beginning. And even more: He learned to move confidently in both cultures: German and French cultures. Even as a young boy, he did not hide the fact that his mother had a special attraction to men.

Because of her pronounced naturalness she had many admirers. She was just too beautiful to be overlooked. In the sparsely populated wasteland of the Sauerland, she was also a particularly bright shining star.

 He recalls with respectful gentleness his first encounter with the matter that should change Christian’s life forever: “The Hochsauerland,” he says, whispering, “was for me a place full of secrets.” With his father he did many hikes, through the Rothaargebirge, up to Kahler Asten. Because of altitudes of over 800 meters there is an almost alpine climate, and the astonished Christian met for the first time this magnificent vegetation variety, for which the Sauerland has trans-regional importance.

As if out of a deep reflex and before he could read and write, he began collecting flower petals.

For drying, he put them in his storybooks, the contents of which did not interest him anyway. Later, he put his collections in water and oil baths, and later the “little scientist” recorded and sketched everything that he noticed in his diaries. 

Then his mother died. The emptiness was indescribable. When he finally saw her lying in the cemetery chapel and lying lifeless, “bloodless and pale,” as he says today, his feelings overwhelmed him. He knew anything different than to run. And he ran in one piece into nature, up into the mountains, the environment that was familiar to him and now like a home. He purposefully tore herb grasses from the ground, blossoms of shrubs, scarce moss growth from stone ledges. He carried the collection as quickly as possible to the local laboratory, stomped plants in a mortar and prepared them for a tincture for his beloved mother…

It was a long and not an easy journey, at the end of which Christian finally found himself in cosmetology after successfully completing a degree in biology and chemistry and a short-term position as a botanist. Since his initial passion for biochemistry, an insatiable thirst for knowledge developed over the years. Specifically, he wanted to solve the mystery, how supposedly biological processes are delayed, if not stopped. Specifically, he wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery of how supposedly biological processes are delayed, if not stopped, by biological processes. Specifically, he wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery of how supposedly biological processes are delayed, “How do you slow down the aging?”, was one of the questions that interested Christian in particular. For several years he has achieved great results in the field of research on the mode of action of receptors to positively influence the human metabolism. Christian therefore knows, how biological aging can be slowed down.

Critics accuse him openly that he had never really worked up the lifeless expression on the face of his pretty mother at the moment of her death. “So what?” Christian replies. “Big men need great challenges. Mine is to emphasize the appearance of beautiful women even more.”

Countless women thank him for his passion. When will you be part of it?

© 2018. Christian Karl